serching tight dress of this picture ( boots and belt for supersuits .photo)

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Does anyone know this advertize photo dress? ( boots for supersuits by ravenhair products photo)

the products is here, boots and belt for supersuits.

then the item (tight skirt, dress) I am serching is the photo of advertisements.
the second picutre from the bottom.

pink and blue dress , ( three figure wear it, and seems with some shader )

Or, Can I make this tight dress (skirt) by some morph of supersuits?

I serched some super suits sets ,
but I think I can not make skirt shape by super suits morph or presets,,
(I can make short pants, but, it seems tight sckirts ,and material zone seems different with super suits,,)
so, I thought other products item , or original?

I serched items which is same shape and material zone in daz shop , but I could not find it.

if someone know this dress, or how to make by super sutis , tell me please.
I just can't get it out of mind.


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    I don't, but on the right, it looks like a skirt & top.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    woo,, if skirt and shirts, it seems more difficult to find them,,(>< ;
    I hope , this is one sets of same prodcuts.

    if applyed shaders with some material zone, not draw texture mapped,
    the pocket and side lines of material zone is characteristic,, but I can not find it.
    thanks your help! (if you find this item, please,tell me @@)

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  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    thank so much Wiseavatar ! I think this is what I am serching !

    and I afraid if it would be for V4 items,,

    ( nowdays I do not like use "auto-fit" to V4 items, it often change details of products,
    so I should reform them,or sometimes I gave up,, ) I usually serch items for genesis only.

    but it seems, coooooooool item for me. so I throw it "my wishlist" now.
    I hope daz make New Adventure for genesis!! (or somethink like this) .

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    Im pretty sure the image in the promo you posted is the V4 version autofitted to Genesis.

    I seem to remember the main limiting factor was that it didn't like the smoothing modifier option as it caused the seams to drift which may be what you can see on the the right figure in the promo.

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