Girl 4 shape for Genesis not showing in Shaping tab

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The Girl 4 shape for Genesis not showing in Shaping tab. This has happened on the last several builds of DAZ Studio 4.5 (mac). The odd thing is Freak 4 does show up and they share the same installer. I can even call up and old G4Gen figure I had saved earlier and while she is shaped correctly, there is no shapes applied to her in the Shaping tab (even under Currently Used.)

Any ideas what is going on? I have tried reinstalling G4/F4 and deinstalled/reinstalled Studio.

Edit: current version Pro but this has been going on for several versions now.

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    Nevermind, found her.
    Parameter tab > Actor > The Girl 4

    But, why is she there and not in the Shaping tab?

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    There was a bug in DS 4.0 and in some morph sets - that morph sets didn't ahve their region settings correct, but DS 4.0 didn't care (mostly). DS 4.5 is more consistent and as a result the morph sets will need an updated to appear in the Shaping pane.

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    Is there some way for users to correct this?

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    I have same problem.

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    I have not Gen 4 shape for genesis , but I have some morph which bought from other shop or, hand made morphs,
    these morphs are shown only in parameter tab. but it seems easy to show in shape tab.

    First I need to say, I have no responsibility if it change your product morph files ^^;

    there seems two step. go to parameter tab,then click parameter setting gear of the controller.

    first, check the Type, it need to set as "Modifier/shape" to be shown in shape tab.

    then set the "path" as Under "Actor/ .." regions.
    the morph is assigned to the Actor Regions, so Region navigation tool can work
    when you select the region with shaping tab.

    You need to set the Path (in this case,, Path means "region of Actor") which seems most fit to the morph.
    if I want to set the hand shape morph in shaping tab,
    I may need to set Path as "Actor/Upperbody/hands"

    after change Path of the file, you may need to save modfied assets, (but keep zero value)
    or save the morph again.

    I change one morph type, then save modified asests, in ds
    you may better not tweak many morph (controller) at same time,, and use save modified assets at same time.
    if you miss something, it is difficult to remove the problem.

    change one morph (or two) type keep value zero, then use save modified assets (need to check which morph are changed).

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    about gen 4 for genesis. daz already removed the bug I think.
    you can version up the files from itemized order history in your account,
    and get new version of the products, and install again . it must work.

    ( I can not check your file,, but if it has been setted path under Actor already,
    there seems another problem. may need to edit code. so you better just get
    new vresion, and install)

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    Keep in mind her ane starts with T not G... I kept looking for her too early in the alphabet and couln't find her because of that.

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    Canary3d said:
    Keep in mind her ane starts with T not G... I kept looking for her too early in the alphabet and couln't find her because of that.

    Are you telling us it is NOT "Grrl, Thu?" but "Thu Grrl?" :P

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