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Is there a way to copy and reuse an object in the same scene in Studio? I tried copy and paste but while "items" or "figures" apparently "copy" they never visibly "paste". I don't know what copy and paste is for then but there you have it.

How do you duplicate simple objects or figures?


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    Copy and Paste is only for settings, you need to load a second or third object. If you are using DS4.5 you could make an Instance of the object but it will have the same textures as the copied item and you can not change them.

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    The only way I found out so far is to save the figure as a scene and merge it to the main scene again (File -> Merge).
    You have to remove all other items from the scene before you save the figure (using another name).

    Maybe there's a smarter way but if not this could help.

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    You can load as many of the same objects as your Ram can handle. That is why you can load a Genesis and make it V5, load another genesis and make it a M5, load another Genesis and make it a Mr. Hyde ect ect ect... The same applies to objects the first will be object the second will be object (2) and the next will be object (3) ect ect ect... You are only held back by your Ram. In DS4.5 we now have Instances. You can create an Instance of any object or figure and it is a 100% copy of the original. You can pose the second Instance of a figure but you can not change textures ect.. Instances have a much lower over head and was designed to save Ram.

    I hope this helps.

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    If you are using DS4.5 RC2 or later, "Instancing" now exists in DS. There are two types.

    Geometry Shells and Node Instances

    Both types are perfect mirrors of their donor geometry. E.g., repose the donor and the mirror changes to match.

    However, the Geometry Shell has one advantage. It can take different textures than the donor. It also appears at the exact location of the donor whereas a new Node Instance appears at the universal origin.

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    Thanks to all, even though I find that saving single figures and merging them again , as posted by ruekaka, is the easier way out.

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