Gatling gun spent shells PARTICLE EMITTER

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I have my add on 20 mm Vulcan Gatling gun POD ready to STRAF the North Viet Kong! BUT the spend shell emitter nots doing a very realistic job.

It is doing a render now or will include a video WILL SOON
BUT look at this vintage film

Go to section 1:40 See how the spent cases are ejected! The flip twirl and rotate wildly as they are tossed out.

I can NOT get my OBJECTS emit out of the emitter to duplicate this look! There has got to be away top have the OBJECTS come flying out at random rotations?

ALSO I am going to has the need for a WIND/directional force on these emitter object as they came out as you can see the wind hits them and they are pulled back right ways?

ANy advice on that?


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    Try this.

    Use a primitive cylinder as your emitted object. A simple primitive cylinder will help speed up the physics unless you want close ups. Make sure the emitted objects are set to interact with forces and that orientation is decoupled from trajectory. Set the random factor on the emission speed and rotation speed so that they will collide more.
    Try multiple emitters with different settings too to add to the chaos.

    Add a directional force to simulate wind to the scene and set it appropriately. (or moving the emitter works too)

    Let the collisions do their work.

    I'm not saying this will work straight away but it's a lot of fun getting the to bounce off of each other.

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    I am trying all that out!

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