Help: Someone wants to buy a license to use some of my images

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Hi there.

I have never sold any of my artwork before (NO one offered. LOL) and now I was approached in Deviantart.

Here is what he asked:

I am contact you in behalf of the company ScopicSoftware, we are searching for fine female fantasy portraits to include in one of our applications. The application in which we will implement your artwork if you agree it's named Headhash and it's mostly available for iPhone and iPad devices. This will work by allowing users to overlay their facial features onto the image, they will not be able to export the image.

If you are interested can you please reply to me a price for a licence for the images bellow :

Thank you and looking forward to a reply from you.

I left his name out....

Anyways, his company would like to buy licenses to 2 of my art pieces. I have no idea how much I should charge for each one.

I did ckeck out the 2 websites he named and they look very legit and perhaps high end (Can't think of the right term right now) They want to use them in an iphone and ipad app.

Any advice for any of you who have sold licenses for your artwork? Thank you


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    You didn't say where you are, but where I am we have this association to help out, dare say there may be one in your locale:

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    First - congrats!

    Now - for my 2 cents worth - I'd say it really depends on what you are hoping to get out of this. Having your artwork used can be a very good thing - you can claim the credit - and use that as a reference in the future.

    I'd say be careful and don't overprice yourself - and thus loose their interest. It really depends on what you want to get out of this.

    Coming from the side of being a purchases of artwork to be used - we don't have any set schedule of payment. However, generally speaking the price we've paid depends on the complexity of the artwork, the published experience of the artist, and the intended use.

    We've purchased art for use in web applications, and for an established artist, we've paid anywhere from $30 to $150 per illustration for full rights.

    Again - contrast and good luck!

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    Not actually images, but I was commisioned once to do some designs for printing on to scarves. I was offered €150 per accepted design, that's around $185 However for this amount she wanted to have copyright. which didn't make it a really good deal, but at the time I needed the income.

    At least your enquiry is for a "license" meaning you will retain the copyright.

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    What country is this person from, the law surrounding things such as this varies so much between countries.
    Research who they are properly and what uses they have for your work
    Make sure you recieve a hard copy of any agreement before agreeing to or signing anything.
    Whatever you charge make sure you recieve some if not full payment before releasing anything.
    I would make sure that any agreement applied to specific individual pieces of and not all of your work.


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    Hello again and thank you all. I will keep everyone's advice in mind.

    I am in the USA.
    I am not a professional artist. Only do it as a hobby.

    This company wants to use 2 pieces of artwork. Close up. They want to be able to remove the faces from the characters in the 2 pieces and enable people to add their own faces into the missing faces area. Just a fun thing to do. It will be included into a pay app for iphones and ipads. From what I can gather, the app may be a pay app of .99 cents (USA money).

    I have not given an answer yet, but they know I am asking around.

    I would never ever want to over charge anyone. Like I said, I am not a pro. If they buy, this will be my first ever sale of an artpiece.LOL. Not a big sale but certainly excited that someone actually wants to pay for it.

    I wonder if in the fee, if I could request the app free of charge for my iphone? LOL. Not wanting to be greedy. Just currious to see my stuff in an app.LOL.

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    I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a copy of the app. It's not very expensive. I don't know about licensing of artwork, but from my experience with novels - make sure you understand the contract. I know there are some organisations out there that will offer discounted/free legal advice for authors. There are probably some that do it for other artists. From a quick google search I found: lawyers.htm
    There is list here of agencies who deal with art licensing here:

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    I'm not a lawyer just giving my 2 cent worth.

    If there using premade art off of Deviantart.
    Then I am guessing they have a low budget.

    zBrush ,CGTalk has a lot of pros that knows a lot about lawyer ,contracts ,fee's ,payment ,ect ect.
    It can get very complicated and expensive.

    Say your lawyer fees are $500
    Say u want $100 a hour it took you 10 hours to make the art then you want $1500 dollars.

    If there's no lawyers.
    Say u want $10 a hour it took you 10 hours to make the art then you want $100 dollars.

    Not that we can afford them but lawyers are best with contracts

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    Thanks again everyone, this is so new to me. LOL. RorrKon, that sounds pretty smart to me. Not in a cocky way, I mean a great idea. I totally get what you're saying.

    Thanks again....Paula

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