Where are all my shaders going . . . for Kelly Lodge?

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I created a scene with Kelly Lodge several weeks ago and now while I am revising it parts of my shaders are missing. I thought it was likely a render setting but that is not helping.

Could it be that I created the original scene in 8.5 Beta and now that it is expired I opened the scene in 8.1 and it doesn't like it?

Also, I am having trouble downloading content and the new Beta that expires Sept 15, 2012. Please see attached image of error message.


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    Welcome to DAZ :lol:

    No, a scene made in 8.5 most likely wont open correctly in C8.1.
    And try to download with a different browser. IE is such a dog I don't know why it is still used. Firefox is my favorite, but if you don't mind google spyware you can try chrome.

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    Firefox did work. IE is horrible. Thank.

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