How to adjust Daz Studio 4 layout for use with 2 monitors?

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I just got a second monitor and now I'd like to have all my tabs in Daz Studio in that second monitor instead of in the first. Unfortunately i cannot find out how to do it. Simply drag and drop doesn't seem to work....
It would be great if someone could explain how to do that *g*
Thanks in advance.


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    you need to undock them, I close them then I go to Windows tabs and tick them them and they are undocked, DS3 had an arrow to do this but what I just said works in 4.
    I like to stick my viewport on the second monitor and everything else on the first so if I do an openGL render as I mostly do for animation, it does not get obscurred doing other stuff.

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    Thank You very much, it worked Your way *g*

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