Animate2 not working with genesis figures

Animate2 turns up the toes and feet of all genesis figures (including V5 & M5).
The foot adjustment icon only raises the figure (as if it it's wearing high heels) but it still turns up the feet and toes once you run the animation.
Surely the genesis figures have been around long enough to have Animate function properly with them, or bring out some new anim blocks to suit?


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    A pose made for a fourth generation figure will tend to have that effect, as their feet pointed down when zeroed while Genesis' are level - as a result the pose will need the feet up to compensate for the G4 rig.

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    That's my whole point!
    Genesis figures have been around long enough. Why hasn't Animate come up with some anim blocks, or a "genesis" adjustment icon, for these figures yet?
    It is impossible to set the genesis figures up unless you go through every frame of the animation and set new keyframes for each part of the effected feet and toes.
    Adjusting the 1st frame and setting a keyframe does not do it.
    The foot adjust icon in Animate doesn't do it.
    This is just plain useless as an animating tool!

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    It is a perfectly good animation tool if you understand it was built for the Gen 4 figures and not Genesis. It predates genesis.

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    Yes, Animate2 is a great tools for gen 4 characters.
    So I should now be grateful that I can't animate any of my genesis figures?
    Thank goodnes for " and Motion Capture for M4, V4, and Genesis" Comming soon.
    At least someone is not resting on their laurels.

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    Go figure made this video about offsetting the heels. Other figures (Mavka, Cookie) have the same problem with aniblocks, but the offset lets you use them.

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  • bighbigh Posts: 5,798
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    its a easy fix if you got aniMate + when it came out
    Genesi works better with V3 feet - than V4 .

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    Just make a block where you adjust/offset the bend parameter of the feet to the correct angle. Save it to your library and use it in the timeline everytime you use Genesis. You have to create a subtrack so you have your feet correction aniBlock on top and the action on the subtrack. I did this type of aniBlock "feet correction" for my Genesis Alive! product but its relatively simple to make.

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    Many thanks to all who gave me a constructive solution.

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    Thank you Simon ... that problem was driving me nuts


  • SimonWMSimonWM Posts: 709
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    Glad I could help. :)

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