Looking for 50's or 60's hairstyle

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Hi , I am looking for 1950's or 60's conforming hairstyles for V4,A4. I have the deeta hair, but would like to have a few more.

Thanks for you help.


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    How about the Finger Wave Bob for Genisis,or Classic Roll Hair?? In the DAZ store under Hair-short-

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    The Sandy hair would be a good one to pick up.

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    I don't have this, but they can be seen as similar to 60's styles.
    For a while, people were wearing their hair in a ponytail on top of their head, pulling the ponytail to drape
    circular around the taught part, similar to the Updo2 listed here. Lots of times the hair itself was wrapped
    around the band so the band couldn't be seen.


    Lollipop Hair is a lot like "Gidget's" hair :

    There's also a bob and a flip somewhere here. I thought both of those are also good for K4.

    The standard "poof" tops:



    . . . and with a "swoop":
    I have Andy Hair, but I think I remember it looking better than in the promos here.

    This is probably one of my favorites. \/
    The pic below uses it with V4 made to a near replica of my actual 60's barb-doll's face,
    except the hair on the doll itself was a bob. This one's easy to throw on your own scarf texture.

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    carrie58 said:
    How about the Finger Wave Bob for Genisis,or Classic Roll Hair?? In the DAZ store under Hair-short-

    Finger Wave Bob is more like 1920s hair.

    However several of the hairs still available for the platinum club price of 2 bucks have 50s flavour: CeCe Veil Hair, Trixy Hair, Classic Rolled Hair. All available for V4, too (although there are different versions for Genesis) and even if you grab them all, you've still only spent less than $6. Just browse the hair section sorted by price and you will find them.

    Of course in the freebie department, Mylochka has a ton of 60s (and older) hairstyles from the original Star Trek series, among other things: http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=mylochka&division_id=0&s=dd&pn=1
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