Licensing booby trap?

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Where can I find details about licensing of the various 3D products I've purchased?

I have spent hundreds of dollars downloading various products from the DAZ3D site and have used it in my personal artwork. I would like to use this artwork in both promoting my skills and doing some commercial work.

Am I walking into a booby trap? I'd hate to create an ad for a client (for which I don't make much money) only to get a letter from lawyers demanding money for the use of things I've purchased. This would make doing commercial work not worth pursuing.

As I've installed the various products, I click the "agree" to continue installing, but frankly, like all the other software I ever install, it's so full of legal jargon, I can't comprehend it all.

Would anyone who makes a living doing commercial work using anything they've downloaded from DAZ or other 3D libraries comment?


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    If you go to the help button at the top of the froum page, and then the Knowledge base, you will find a complete copy of the Daz3D EULA.


    Once you have read through that, if you have any more questions, do come back and ask them

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    Let me make sure I understand this EULA correctly...

    " You may (i) access, use, copy and modify the 3-D Models stored on such computers at such single location in the creation and presentation of animations and renderings which may require runtime access to the 3-D Model(s), and (ii) incorporate two dimensional images (including two dimensional images that simulate motion of three dimensional objects) derived from the 3-D Model(s) in other works and publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense such combined works; provided that you may not in any case: (a) separately publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense any 3-D Model(s) or any part thereof; or (b) publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense renderings, animations, software applications, data or any other product from which any original 3-D Model(s), or any part thereof, or any substantially similar version of the original 3-D Model(s) can be separately exported, extracted, or de-compiled into any re-distributable form or format."

    This tells me I can install the models purchased from DAZ onto any computer that I own and modify them in ways to make my own "art". However, I cannot export any part of these models to resell them as my own.

    "Subject to the foregoing limitations, and the rights, if any, of third parties in or to the objects represented by the 3-D Model(s), you may copy, distribute, and/or sell your animations and renderings derived from the 3-D Model(s). All other rights with respect to the 3-D Model(s) and their use are reserved to DAZ3D (and its licensors)."

    This tells me I can create my own art using the models purchased from DAZ, then sell it however I can. Most importantly I do NOT see anything telling me I would owe any royalties for the originators of those models. Am I correct?

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    Yes, with the exception of the Anne Marie Goddard Digital Clone (which has a couple of extra restrictions, noted on the product page) that is correct.

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