Unlocking Model Hot Point vs Root Hot Point

Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 795
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I have a couple of boat figures from DAZ (AE Boat and AG Boat), and I need to set the Hot Point of the Model to match the center of the model. I'm able to do that at the root level, but when I go to the model level, the center and hot point don't match, and all of the parameters for hot point and center (and orientation, rotation, size and scaling are grayed out and inaccessible).

I've tried unchecking Lock Hot Point and down at the bottom of panel have changed the Lock to Object Center Only (Other options being Hot Point only or Hot point and Object Center)

Is there a way to force the Center and Hot POint at the Model Level (as opposed to Root level) to equal one another?
(I need to do this for a workaround for a problem with a plugin)



  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 18,224
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    export and reimport it as an obj perhaps?
    I often do this with props that are figures as this one seems to be.
    (usually because they have morphs etc, I do not have those models but most of Jack Tomalin's stuff falls in that catagory)

  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 795
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    well, if I export as object and reimport, it does eliminate the hot point/center point problem - but this figure (as you guessed) does have morphs that I don't want to lose (like rowing oars, billowing sail and so forth). I seem to remember one of Fenric's plugins letting you unlock a figure - don't know if this would let me do what I need to or not. I thought those were extensions / plugins that I'd already added - but now I see they're installed by .exe's - will re-download from DAZ and see if those help.

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