Where are the skeleton setup tools in Daz Studio 4?

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In Daz Studio 4 Pro I'm trying to rig a piece of clothing for V4 which, I take it, requires the skeleton setup tool. And I can't for the life of me locate it in any of the menus, tabs, etc.

Puzzled am I!

Can anybody point it out for me?



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    I think you want the 'Tool Settings' tab and the 'Joint Editor Tool' (the bone-with-a-sticky-plaster button on the tool bar).

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    You need:

    Windows/Tabs/Figure Setup Tool.:-)

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    Thanks all!

    I think the Figure Setup Tool is what I've been looking for, in place of the formerly known as Skeleton Setup tool. Or at least now it looks more relevant and recognizable to the tutorials I'd found.

    And the Joint Editor is the next Tool I'll be needing.

    Thanks all again!

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    Windows > Tabs > Figure Setup

    Windows > Tabs > Property Editor

    Windows > Tabs > Tool Tab

    Those three plus using the Joint Editor Tool are what you basically need for rigging a figure in DS using the older Poser method.

    If you need to do it with weight mapping in mind, I am not sure.

    ps, Older tutorials on rigging figures in DS3 are still relevant though some of the tools and features have been renamed and moved in DS4.

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    I'm glad to find this thread but I'm still a bit lost. I've just purchased my first "Conforming Clothing" creation set for Toon Generations and it came with an .pdf file to walk you through. However, the file is written for a much older version of DS. I can't figure out even the most simple steps like:

    Step 3:
    With the clothing donor figure selected, go to the “Skeleton Setup” panel and click on the button
    in the top-right corner. Select “Copy from Selected Figure”.
    Select “Poser (1 unit = 8ft)” in the “From” drop-down option. The “Scale” field should be automatically
    populated with 24384%, click [Accept].

    If I use this thread and open all the differently named panels, I still can't figure out how to follow this "12346_Creating_Conforming_Clothing_in_DS.PDF" because it's so out of date. Are there any other documents available that are relevant to DS4+ to reference? There are a lot of things I like about DS but the documentation lag is really frustrating.

    I know many of you guys are true DS gurus so if you could give me a little handholding I'd appreciate it. I've been using 3DS Max for over 15 years so I'm not a newbie to the theory and practices of 3D but the Daz workflow has a bit of a learning curve.

    Any detailed help would be much appreciated.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,379
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    The menu button is still in a top corner of the pane, or you can get to it by right-clicking on the pane's tab. To create a new figure using the existing bones you now check the Modify Selected box at lower left, then click the Apply/Create button.

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    Ok, I see that Richard. Thanks. Now I have a bit more momentum...

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    I've always thought "joint editor" sounded suspicious! And that is the only reason I never use it. Honestly! ;-)

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