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Hi all, I want to buy an anime character with a lot of morph options, (f.e. if i want to transform a child in an adult, or if I want to get a bigger breast or smaller shoulders and so on), what do you advice me? What about Hitomi? She has all these options? ty


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    Hitomi is a morph for Genesis not a stand alone figure. Hitomi by herself does not have many options.
    The Basic Genesis that comes with DS4 has some morphs avialble sorry I can't remember which ones, but I do know you get Male, Female and Child.

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    I assume you want to use an anime character for Genesis right?

    I think what you will want to buy depends on the type of "anime" you like. HItomi is one style, but you also have the option of Amy, Jasmin, Nata, Chibi girl, or Aiko3, Aiko4 and the Girl when you are using genesis. You have to buy them of course, but they all have different looks. (there are probably a few I am missing so forgive me)

    Hitomi is the most supported toon for genesis. She has her own UV mapping setup so there are few texture packs available that will only work if you have her installed. There are also expression and pose packs optimized for her as well. The expressions and poses can be used on other Genesis figures, but typically need some tweaking to work correctly. Hitomi can use regular genesis expressions but again you will need to tweak them to look correct.

    Just like any Genesis figure you can blend Hitomi's shape with other genesis shapes so you aren't limited to her stock look. Hitomi also has the most morph dials out of any of the toons for genesis, she's got nice selection of facial dials and a couple for her boobs too. Will depend if you like that style of breast though.

    As far as other toon/anime females for genesis none of them have much in regards to morphs but they can be mixed with other genesis morphs you have. Typically they have a body shape dial and a head shape dial so you can have anywhere from 0 to 100% of the shape. Hitomi is the only one that actually has morphs to let you adjust her cheeks, chin, eye slant etc. Nata is the only other toon I can think of that has any additional dials, and that is to close her lips because her smile is curved.

    By herself Hitomi is pretty neat, but to do what you want you will still need to mix with the genesis figures that are available. Victoria 5 and Hitomi might give you almost everything you need. Or instead of victoria 5 you can get some free shapes or other kits that will give Genesis more dials. Genesis comes with a basic child morph that you can use along with these shapes if you want. Victoria 5 has some decent breasts morphs but I prefer using V4 breast morphs that I have transferred to Genesis myself.

    Good luck
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    Here are some free morphs that will help you out. They won't give you toons, but can help tweaking body parts the way you want.

    Jabba has some genesis morphs you can add to your arsenal

    Also here is is DieTrying's 182 morphs for Genesis

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    ok, tank you all, especially to larsmidnatt, I think I'll buy both hitomi and V5

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    Well, your first decision is Genesis or not Genesis, and it looks like you've already picked Genesis. So did I. :) Since you're using Genesis, I'd highly recommend the Genesis Starter Bundle because it contains the Evolutions head and body morphs. These morphs are almost essential--maybe not quite essential if you have the free morphs that larsmidnatt mentioned, but still helpful. It also contains some clothing, hair, and a troll character...all in all, it's a great value, particularly if you can get it on sale and/or if you have a coupon to use.

    I don't own Hitomi, but if anime were a bigger priority for me, she'd be the first thing I would want to buy. Issue 43 of 3D Artist Magazine, which was released last month, comes with V5 and M5, so if you didn't buy V5 yet you might want to look into getting that issue:

    Personally, I've gotten some really nice results using the Aiko3 and Hiro3 shapes for Genesis , and mixing them with V5, M5, the Evolutions morphs, etc. When I get a chance, I'll link you to the dial-your-own-anime-character contests in the old forum, so you can see what people came up with and what products they used to get there. :)

    Edit: Taiga is another nice anime character for Genesis: I'd take Hitomi over Taiga if price weren't an issue, since Hitomi comes with more options and has lots of accessory products made just for her...but Taiga is definitely worth considering if you can afford both of them.

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