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In trying to convert Aiko 3 to Tri-ax it's become all to clear to me that DS4 wasn't designed to use Poser format figures, the way it deals with morphs is evidence enough and is the source of my problems. Instead of the deltas being in the bodypart they are stored in hidden dials in the Body, and ERC'd "ghost dials" are added to the bodyparts, the problem is that when you convert to WM and save it as a figure you end up in Aiko's case with 12330 dsf files, that's one for every valueparm, targetGeom and "ghost" dial in the figure.

1) Is there an easy way to combine all of the files for one morph ie. Aiko's FullFigure morph, into just one dsf file rather than the 40+ files it's currently in.

2) Morphs that were not included at the time of conversion no longer INJect, you get a "Warning: Vertex index for delta out of range on line" error and the morph doesn't load, so far the "line" always refers to the the first delta in each targetGeom in the file.

ATM I am looking at the unenviable task of having to export each and every morph (DAZ and 3rd party) as an .obj and then reimporting them with morphloader.


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    The original A4 morphs were on the body parts -they have to be, that's where the mesh is - with controllers on the root node (the Body in Poser). TriAx figures, however, are single-skin - the mesh belongs to the root node, the bones need be nothing more than end point, origin and weight mapping for the deformations (though generally there will still be a group, to enable selection in the viewport and per-part visibility controls). I haven't looked at this, but it sounds as if the conversion process is making a separate morph for each body part morph so that they can still be dialled independently - A4 would further complicate matters as there were a lot of correction morphs, hidden from view, to adjust the base V4 morphs to work with the dramatically different Aiko shape. The only way I can think of to combine the morphs would be to set them by hand, then export as OBJ and load that as a new morph - butt you'd need to keep an eye on those correction morphs.

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    If you just want a character morph, Render a front and side view and try Facegen, should get you in the ballpark anyway. If you want individual morphs, then yea it's one at a time.

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    Simplest solution I can think of is to make A3 a morph of Genesis (, but DAZ must have developed an interesting script or program to do that. I wonder how they did it.

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