How do i create a Mobius?

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How do i create a Mobius?
i have Carrara 6 pro


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    I made one in Carrara by deleting part of an open cylinder, using soft select and twisting it, then using the bridge tool.
    textures do weird things at the join so does dynamic fur!
    depending on how you uv map it that is!!

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    pastrana said:
    How do i create a Mobius?
    i have Carrara 6 pro

    On the old forum, Steve athome posted a tutorial, complete with illustrations, for making Mobius objects.

    Since DAZ has not seen fit to repair the old forum archives to a state in which we can view the posted images, I have taken the liberty of re-posting his instructions, with corrected links to the images.

    There are two tutorials. A simple Mobius strip, and a complex Mobius object. (I'm not sure if Carrara 6 supports this technique, since I have no way to check.)

    The original forum archive links are here:
    and here:

    The Mobius strip:
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    Posted:Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:27 pm


    The bend modifier in the vertex room is broken and only works in certain directions (although DAZ QA would probably say "That is how carrara works").

    A mobius strip is still easy to make in Carrara, just add 180 twist and 360 bend (but it must be done along Y)

    1. Make a strip(this is a cut down grid with thickness)

    2. Add modifiers

    3. Result.

    Hope that helps.

    - Steve

    The Mobius object:
    Steve athome

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    Posted:Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:31 pm

    Start a new "medium" scene. Go to "Insert;-> Vertex object"(which will take you to the vertex(modelling) room. Select(from the drop down menu) "Grid" (you can just drag it to the main view) and set the "Object definition" to 9

    select the scale manipulator and set the object to 8ft X 8ft (you can enter the sizes in the right hand properties)

    Select the four rows of polygons(as shown in pic) and delete them. Select all the remaining polygons then "Edit-> Replicate" using the "Linear" replicate, set number of copies to 8 (you can enter whatever number you want. The larger the number, then the larger the diameter of the ring when bent). set the offset for "Y" to 0.6666 (the offset works by X12 whatever you enter(its how carrara works lol) so you have to divide by 12), so 8 divided by 12 = 0.6666). Press OK to create the copies.

    While the polygons are still selected, "Model-> Weld"(you can OK at default settings).
    Select the 2 rows of polygons on the end and delete them (there needs to be an odd number of spokes for the bend).
    Add 1 ft of thickness to all polygons(Model-> Add thickness)

    You then need to delete 2 polygons from each end(as shown in next pic). That is for the welding after the bend(carrara does not remove polygon faces from welds, so causes problems for smoothing.

    Select all vertex, "Model-> Deform" and add a "Bend and Twist" modifier. Enter values as shown below(make sure you select Y axis). When done, "Model-> weld".

    You can then add smoothing.
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    Using Steve's technique I was able to create this image.

    800 x 600 - 96K
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    Yeah, I was so much fascinated of the method in the tutorial, that I made a lot of Mobiusses.
    Watch the video

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