RESULTS: Custom Character Contest 2014 - Best Likeness (Entries-Only Thread)

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Custom Character Contest 2014 - Best Likeness

Running dates: April 1 to April 30, 2014
(the deadline is April 30 at 11:59:59 PM, DAZ Time (Mountain Daylight Time or UTC -6:00)

This is the entries-only thread. For the WIP/discussion thread, click here.


All prizes will be issued in the form of DAZ 3D gift certificates (GC), in the amounts of:

1st Place: $25 GC and three products from the ARTCollaborations store*
2nd Place: $15 GC and two products from the ARTCollaborations store*
3rd Place: $10 GC and one product from the ARTCollaborations store*
Honorable Mentions (2): $5 GC each

*Winners may select item(s) of their choice from among those listed here...DAZ Original products listing "ARTCollab" as a vendor are not eligible.

Sponsors: Scott-Livingston, ARTCollaborations, Jaderail, Novica
Special thanks to my co-sponsors!

For this contest, your task is to make a render featuring a famous historical figure, fictional character, celebrity, or other easily identifiable person. This character must be based on a figure produced by DAZ 3D. You can use any DAZ or third-party products in the creation of the image, but you must list and link to all products you used, (including freebies). Images based on non-DAZ figures will not be considered for the contest, but you are welcome to post them as non-entries.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
- Character - how well did the artist capture the likeness and personality of the subject?
- Composition, lighting, and overall quality of render
- Creativity/uniqueness

Contest Rules

1. Be logged in to your DAZ3D Forum account to submit a valid entry. We will not accept Anonymous or Guest Entries.

2. Submit your image to the appropriate contest thread.

3. Upload you image using the Post Reply - Browse to Attachment feature (In other words please do not link to your image but rather post it to the thread)

4. Your entry must be one or more new renders not previously posted elsewhere. The character featured does not need to be a newly-created character (it’s okay if you’ve rendered the same character before). You may post your entry in the DAZ 3D Gallery or elsewhere on the DAZ Forums after posting it to this thread, and you may post it on other sites once the contest has closed.

5. Along with your entry image(s), you must include the following information:
a. Name of character
b. All software used in the creation of your image
c. You must also list all products you used for your character’s skin texture, hair, clothing, and accessories. Please list the product name and (optionally) name of the artist or vendor. For products sold at DAZ 3D, please provide a link. For products sold or offered elsewhere, please provide the name of the site or store.
Entries that do not include all of this information will be disqualified.

6. You may use any render engine and software of your choice, but you must mention in your entry post what software was used in creating the image. Postwork is welcome, but contestants who submit postworked images are encouraged to include a non-postworked version (raw render) as well for comparison purposes.

7. You may enter as many times as you like, but no contestant will be selected as the winner of more than one prize.

8. Follow the DAZ Terms of Service. No nudity, extreme violence or profanity will be allowed. Copyright infringements of any sort will not be tolerated.

9. By entering this contest, you agree to allow DAZ3D to use any artwork you submit in any promotional materials they may choose. Entering this contest is considered a commercial use, so you should not use any content that is not licensed for commercial use.

When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP THREAD. Please keep all comments on entries etc to the WIP THREAD as well.


Q: What about original characters?
A: This contest requires that your render feature an existing, well-known fictional character or historical or contemporary person. I plan on running another contest for original characters (in other words, characters of your own invention) later this year.

Q: What about non-DAZ characters?
A: You can base your character on any 3D figure, provided that the figure is available at Renders of characters based on non-DAZ figures are welcome as non-entries. As long as your character is based on a DAZ figure, you may use products purchased or legally obtained at any store or site.

Q: How do I make a look-alike?
A: You can either make a dial-spun character, or sculpt your own using modeling software, or do a little of both. There's a good tutorial on the process here; it covers DAZ Studio and Hexagon but the same principles apply to other software.

Q: Can't I just render a character that I purchased, who happens to look just like a certain celebrity?
A: Sure you can...but you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage, since creativity/originality is one of the criteria that the judges will be looking at.

Q: Do I need to list the full morph formula?
A: I encourage you to list the full morph formula if you are comfortable doing so, but it is not a requirement for this contest.

Q: Can I use a morph or skin texture I made myself?
A: Yes, but you will need to mention this fact, and provide a link to any Merchant Resources or other source materials that you used.

Q: Can I contribute a prize?
A: Absolutely, just send me a PM. If you contribute, you may also participate in the judging if you would like to.

Q: What's the proper method for posting links to products?
A: Type the product name, highlight it, click the "" button, type or paste in the URL, and click OK. The end result will look like
[ url=]DAZ 3D[/url ] (except without the spaces before the first "url" and after the last "url"), and if you prefer you can just type the code.

Q: Where can I learn about copyright, fair use, and commercial use?
A: I'm not an attorney and can't give legal advice, but I found this article interesting. Also, it may be helpful to look through the store for images (like these: 1, 2, 3, 4) that seem to be inspired by copyrighted characters, yet are generic enough to be acceptable for commercial use.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask in the WIP/discussion thread.

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