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It seems like every time I buy something new for my Genesis characters, I have a problem installing them. What happened to the old installer that was so easy to use? It seems like everything comes in a ZIP file now and I have trouble with it.

I just bought the Muse outfit and used the Install Manager. It placed the files in the Documents directory, but when I tried to put this outfit on Vickie 5 it comes in as gray blocks and gives me an error message that one of the files is missing. I looked in the folders and it seems to be there. So, instead, I tried to copy the Runtime folder into my DAZ Studio directory. It never even showed up there at all.

Ever since that Install Manager came along and the old DAZ installer went away, I've had nothing but trouble installing everything.

Please see screen shots. This is driving me crazy. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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    By default DIM will install your content into your documents folder > My Daz 3D Library. You need to map this library in Daz Studio as a content runtime for both Daz Studio and Poser formats.

    If you don't want to use that library at all, what you can do is through DIM, uninstall everything that was installed to the unwanted library. Now hit the cogwheel in the upper right and go to the installation tab. Now highlight the My Daz 3D Library and hit the minus ( - ) sign to remove it. Now hit the plus ( + ) sign to add your desired library. DIM will now use this as a default installation location and you can reinstall the stuff you just uninstalled. You may get a message about things being in there that wasn't installed with DIM, just hit to continue and you'll be fine.

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    melanie said:
    So, instead, I tried to copy the Runtime folder into my DAZ Studio directory. It never even showed up there at all.

    That's because there isn't any object data in the Runtime folder for D|S-format items like Genesis clothes. Remember, this isn't like Poser with files in the /Runtime/Geometries/ folder — Genesis objects have all their files in the /data/ folder, which isn't in the Runtime folder at all. The only things in the Runtime will be the texture files, which have never been visible in the Content tab anyway.

    Have you remembered to allow for the D|S default content location and the DIM default installation location being in different places?

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    Thank you. It works now. I copied the support files over to my DAZ Studio folder and now it works. The only weird thing that happens now is that the skirt doesn't show in the icons when I have Genesis selected. If I select anything else (light, camera, anything) it shows up. Not sure what's causing that.

    I miss the old .exe installer. That was so simple.

    Thaniks for the help.

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    I have got the same problem.. I am new to this whole thing and coudn´t figure it out...
    Could you explain it to me in more detail please :)
    Thx in advance

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    One: When you MOVED the content from the Default DIM install folder it Broke the Default Metadata PATH so it will not show as Smart content after you moved the content.

    Two: You can SET the options in the DIM to use ANY folder to install your content to. Mine installs to SEVERAL different folders. Then the MetaData will be showing the folder you installed TO and the content will still be Smart Content again once the MetaData is Re-Imported.

    HERE is my DIM default Install ONLY option. I use many.

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    Here is my DAZ Studio DEFAULT only Folder option... All content works....

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    Thx, I will try that :)

    If I download some stuff and i download it as a ZIP, how can I get it into the installer?

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    Do you mean installing from your Product Library or installing items from other sites than DAZ 3D?

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    The DIM only works for DAZ 3D content Zips. Not for other site zip files.

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    How can i implement Zip from other files? do I just copy them into My DAZ library?
    Is there a thread I can look at:)
    Thank you for all the answers :)

    Found one :) thx anyways^^

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