What is this thing?

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I'm looking at the workings of the "Install Manager" and I now have a question for anyone who knows this program in and out.

In the "Settings Window under the tab Installation" you can right click on any path and get the option to (Fix installed File Registry...). What is this and what does it do? I could not find any info on this subject under the Help option.

Any ideas, anyone?


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    This is an attempt by DIM to play nice if you use it to install in a directory with manually installed content.

    The main issue is not the install - it is when you come along later and un-install something. DIM will delete everything that was in that package. BUT - there are some packages that share an item. For example, most of Jepe's effectZ use the same .obj and un-installing one will delete the .obj and cause the others to fail. DIM creates a 'registry' in a folder by scanning all files and noting the number of times a file is referenced. Then, when you delete something, it decrements the count in the registry and will remove items with a zero reference count.

    The 'Fix' option re-runs the scan and updates the current count. As near as I can tell. Probably not an issue if you don't mix manual and DIM installs or if you don't un-install products.

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    Thanks big time, namffuak.

    I will not be using this in the near future. Because my runtimes are shared between Studio and Poser. I can live with managed installs and manual uninstalls.

    Thanks for your help.

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