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I heard it is not possible for users of Daz Studio to make our own dynamic clothing, or to convert an object such as a plane into a dynamic cloth like is possible in Poser with their cloth room. Why is that? How are Optitex and others making dynamic clothing then, and is it at all possible for a user to convert an object to work with the dynamic clothing engine? I simply want to convert a model I made into a dynamic cloth to drape to an object in Daz Studio, but not sure how, and just read somewhere it's not actually possible?


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    OptiTex is using a special application to build custom designed dynamic clothing. A lot of us have long been after an equivalent to Poser's "Clothify" option. Unfortunately it isn't readily available.

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    It's really sad too. I really like the Optitex clothing better then the Poser Cloth Room, however, we are at the mercy of ONE PERSON making the clothes. It seems we are subject to his taste in clothing and his time frames. At least with Poser, anyone can create a cloth object for use in the Cloth Room.

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    if you have a spare $10 000 or there abouts you can buy the program Martin from Optitex uses! %-P
    I think he does it as a hobby in his spare time (making clothes etc for Dazlings) it is not his REAL job!
    he has done a lot of nice freebies and the clothes are not dear.
    otherwise do what I did, buy Poser (I only have Poser7 but it has cloth).

    but yes
    a Daz dynamic cloth system would be cool is someone talented in coding could develop it out of the sweetness of their heart as there would not be a lot of profit in it for the sort of skilled geek you would need! a plugin for nVidea Apex cloth physX is one possibility.

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    I have definately looked into it Wendy and was disappointed at the cost. Yes, Martin has done alot of nice stuff, unfortunately, 90% of it is too "sexy" for what I do. Maybe its just supply and demand.....most people want the sexy clothes, idk. Marvelous Designer was going to do a plugin for Daz but now there is a rumor going around over there that Daz has asked them not to make it. I have asked MD to squelch this rumor but they have been silent. I bought MD to make clothes for Daz and was waiting for that plugin. I use Poser and can use the cloth room, however, for some reason, I have a hard time animating in Poser. Now, I haven't tried since P7 (and I have PPro12) so maybe I should try again, but I love DS4 so much that it would be hard to leave it behind.

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    jaebea said:
    unfortunately, 90% of it is too "sexy" for what I do.

    Really? I won't tell you what is or is not sexy to you, but on the 17 or so pages of freebies on the Optitex site, I recall there being a lingerie set, a bikini, some Bettie Page stuff and a few short-ish skirts/loincloths. The rest, including normal dresses, pants, poncho's, burka's, nun outfit, headgear, overalls etc etc shouldn't be sexy in any culture. Perhaps you haven't seen the full freebie store there?
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    I have 20 items out of 144 of the freebies posted (so that's 13% not 10%). I don't do low cut or too short skirts/shorts. Society it too desensitized as to how much of a woman's body showing is acceptable. I'm not a prude wearing a burka but I am modest and so are the characters I portray in my art and animation. Even some of those "normal dresses" I would not wear. Cridgit, I am sure Martin is giving the public what they want and that's fine. He does excellent work! I am in a very small minority without much voice which is why I just wish I could do my own. I have been doing this for a really long time and have hundreds of articles of clothing for v1 and 2, v3 and v4 (nearly 150g of content over 12 years) but it isn't quite as nice as using dynamic cloth. Again, please, I am not attacking Martin. I probably should not have even said anything at all. I am finding that being silent around here is probably a better way to go.

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    Hi Jaebea

    I think we are misunderstanding each other :-)

    You don't need to explain your choices/standars to me or to anyone else. I just wasn't sure whether your view was based on the prodcts available here or on his freebie site, so I was referring you there in case you hadn't seen all those great free pieces. To me, 90% of those are acceptable :-)

    Please keep talking!!

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