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Interface Skins?

Serefina_MoonSerefina_Moon Posts: 52
edited July 2012 in Daz Studio Discussion

Okay, I keep trying version 4, and I keep hating the interface, passionately.

Is there anyway to skin the current version with the earlier interface?

Yes, I'm about to search the forum again for info.

The biggest issue, is how much screen space the tabs take up on the screen, especially on a laptop that's LCD tops out at 1366x768.
And yes, I've changed to the smaller text 'Highway',... “Nouveau Dark” isn't available.
I don't know about popularity of the interface types, but I preferred the one that was styled after Carrara, which I was trying to learn for a while.
That interface was much much more efficient IMHO.
Next biggest issue for me, is the layout of the content library, I was much more comfortable finding content in the old format.

Ideas anyone?


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