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Any information on if or when C8 will get along with MAC OS LION!? and Mountain Lion?


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    Hi Rich :)

    As far as I'm aware,. this is the single main reason that they're building C8.5 (to have a working version of C8 on both Mac and PC)

    Shortly after C8 was released, ...Lion was released,.
    Some mac users upgraded to that OS,.. and the issues started to hit the fan.

    So far,.. C8.5 seems to work in Lion, and unless Apple changes something else in their future OS which stops software which previously worked on the older OS from working, when they release Mountain Lion, or any other future OS, ..then Carrara should work in those OS's.

    The Beta version of Carrara 8.5 will be released when the developers are happy that it's working on all platforms.

    Hope it helps :)

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