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Hi this is going to sound like a pretty dumb question but does SWOLE only have a full body morph? I've looked everywhere and I couldn't find the partial morphs such as upper body or lower body. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my DS4 or if I'm looking for something that isn't actually there.

Also another question while I'm here is there a way to fix clothes bleeding onto body parts? I found that with the bulkier characters certain poses when using smoothing modifier have the clothes suddenly making a leap stretching onto the the arm when it's a tanktop which makes the whole outfit look a mess. I feel like a total newbie asking these questions so sorry if I sound dumb ^ ^


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    No, SWOLE doesn't have partial morphs.

    As for the carnivorous-alien clothes, this happens because the body parts of the figure are intersecting (because the bulking up leaves less space, and the body doesn't squish the way real flesh would) so in order to put the colliding clothes "outside" the body DS has to push it through the arm - there isn't a fix, though adjusting the settings for iterations may help in some cases (as may using a DForm to force a separation in the body parts, or simply adjusting the pose - real people with that kind of heft will also hav limits on the positions they can assume).

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    Yes, SWOLE has partial body morphs. Richard is usually correct with his answers but this is one of those rare times he is not. You can find the partial body morphs on the Shaping tab under Head, Upper Body, Lower Body and Legs. You can either use the partial morphs or the full body morph.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,405
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    Sorry, I should have checked.

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