Saving Partial Poses for characters in DS4Pro?

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I have recently been creating some custom pose files for a project I'm attempting. The project uses both Genesis and Gen4 figures. If I want to save only a part of a pose (say, an arm, hand, upper/lower body pose) how would I do this for both types of figures?



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    File > Save As > Pose Preset

    Deselect anything you don't want included in the resulting popup window.

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    Thank you! This is going to save me a lot of time and effort! I really appreciate all the help you've given me over the past several weeks!

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    It's what we're here for. Glad to help. :)

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    As an alternate option, you can use the Poser Format Exporter to save all the poses in the poser PZ2 format, even with Genesis. Then to reapply afterwards either place them in with your Poser content library or just use the Import option to select the pz2 files from the hard drive. From my own experiance I find this method a whole lot faster then trying to use the DS save as pose. Btw, for either method, if you are going to save a partial pose, just select the body parts you want before you save the pose.

    In my sig is a link to the tutorial "How to use the Poser Format Exporter"

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    Hi Techyman

    If you're looking to save poses for later use or for distribution, then Save As Pose Preset or PFE would be perfect, as mentioned above.

    If you're looking to temporarily save poses or partial to reapply to your figure in various combinations during a pose session, you could either use Puppeteer for whole poses, or PoseMaster for DAZ Studio (see link in my sig) for copying/pasting partial poses. It is possible to save your poses for both Puppeteer and PoseMaster for later use, but typically these two are used within a session.

    Hope that helps.

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