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Making Real-Life Figurines from your 3D files

nate_289d518d9cnate_289d518d9c Posts: 40
edited December 1969 in Art Studio

A process known as 3D Print (aka Rapid Prototyping)
Google those terms to find details and resources
Shown here are examples that I modeled and made used this process, including a caricature of a dog and butterfly made in Hexagon and rendered in Carrara, and a 3D print (figurine) created by a vendor of my model (Z-Corp) - - typically I have the model made by Z-Corp and then have that cast into resin figurines, or whatever material required. I personally prefer figurines that are not full color, those can be done, but I like a bronzed look.
More details on the process here =


  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited July 2012

    Yes Daz3D held a Creature Creator contest some time ago and the winner got there creation made into a tangible figurine using a method similar (if not the same) as this. Very cool stuff.

    I have read that some can do colours too.

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  • nate_289d518d9cnate_289d518d9c Posts: 40
    edited December 1969

    Z Corp does color models - note the first photo of the little figurines next to the battery - I'm sure others do it as well. Many manufacturers use this process to work out prototypes before getting into production

  • flashbackflashback Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    So how much do these things cost?

  • nate_289d518d9cnate_289d518d9c Posts: 40
    edited December 1969

    flashback said:
    So how much do these things cost?

    You send your file to the vendor and they estimate the volume of your model, the material you will be using and give you an estimate. Usually the estimates are free Some of the web sites show samples and their cost
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