List of Studio 4 Compatible Plugins

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I'm sure I've seen this before, but cannot find it anywhere. Is there an accurate list of which plugins will work (or have been updated to work) with DAZ Studio 4.0? (Note: not 4.5, which I've uninstalled - nothing works with that)


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    For 4.0.x the following should work (there may be more, but I don't own them)
    AoA's Atmospheric Affect Cameras
    D3D's Generation X
    AM's Infinito v1
    pwBundle for DS4

    - uberHair DS4
    - uberPoint DS4
    - uberSoft DS4
    - uberSpot DS4
    - uberSurface2 DS4

    - Autofit
    - Decimator
    - Texture Atlas
    - Morph Loader Pro
    - GoZ
    - FBX Exporter
    - Dynamic Clothing Control
    - Photoshop Bridge
    - Mimic

    - Any shader *preset* bundle that relies on USS1, DAZ Default Shader, etc.
    - Any MLIE based product (fabricator, etc.)

    There are probably more but that's what comes to mind...

  • acanthisacanthis Posts: 497
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    Thanks. That's just what I was looking for.

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