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hey all, whether you are an outright kaiju (giant monster) fan or just a closet fan I thought I would bring this news to the 3d enthusiasts on the site!

Have you ever worked on a monster of some sort you would love to have seen in a game but didn't have a game or the funds to do it? well those who donate enough here can make their dream a reality. I myself created a creature I love with Hexagon and I just haven't had the money to do anything with it...until now of course.


no I am not an official spokesperson or a robot....give me a code to type out and I will lol...but I am a huge kaiju fan and after reading the forum when Kaiju:The Giant Monster was released I know there are more of us on here! if you want to turn this into a discussion board fine by me since this will still get people to spot this

OH! and the best part....its made by the guys who made Rampage,Tomb Raider:Underground, Prince Of Persia, Godzilla:Destroy all Monsters, Godzilla:Save the Earth, and Godzilla:Unleashed!!!

A tried and true system will be used and the 3d work will likely be amazing as we have steadily seen an improvement in the creators design skills as the game lists have gone on.

Edited since I just noticed Daz wont let me copy paste website links -.- so I have typed it now!

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    This may have needed to be placed in commercial....sorry but I have used Daz for year but am never big on forums so Im not 100% sure where stuff should be posted >.< but it was related to the 3d art world so eh...Not sure how to delete so if it needs to be moved maybe an admin can do so

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    I fixed the web link...didnt know daz prevented copy/paste on its forum...

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    Daz does not inhibit web links, but

    is Not a link!

    You need the http:// in front.


    There ya go.

    And for more kaiju fun, look here: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/2506/

    Good luck with your project.

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