new here just join

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Hello Everybody,

New here just joined and need few advice about DAZ 3D how it can benefit my digital work.



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    Hello Helen, and welcome to the forums.

    I am not sure that DAZ Studio is what you need, but I will reply to your other thread.

    DS4Pro, Bryce 7 Pro, and Hexagon are all completely free at the moment (full versions, not limited in any way), so it would be a good idea to grab them anyway while you still can. Hexagon is a very good modelling package, and Bryce can create beautiful landscape scenes, and it renders water really well.

    Best wishes

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    Welcome to the DAZ forums Helen, and welcome to your latest addiction. :coolsmirk:

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    Welcome to DAZ, Helen. By all means, do avail yourself of the free Studio 4 Pro, Bryce, and Hexagon. Also, join the Platinum Club as soon as possible. This site is full of quality freebies, expert advise, and friendly people.

    Don't hesitate to ask questions, especially here in the Newcomers section. It always helps to tell us which software you're using and your operating system.

    Above all, enjoy being a Dazzer.

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    Hello Helen, welcome to the DAZ 3D forums. If you have any question please join us in the New Users Start Here forum. We have a dedicated team of community volunteers and various users that can help with pretty much any question you may have. Great to have you and have fun.

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