Hand Poses

AdamThwaitesAdamThwaites Posts: 372
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Hand poses for V4, V4WM, Genesis, V5 for Poser and DAZ Studio
Have fun!




  • SpitSpit Posts: 1,973
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    Thank you! I think I don't have ANY hand poses for V5!

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 8,226
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    Thank you very, very much!!!

  • IanTPIanTP Posts: 1,319
    edited December 1969

    Thanks Adam, going to be very useful :)

  • jeeperzjeeperz Posts: 1,077
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    ooohhh more goodies from Adam, thanks

  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,852
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    If you could do tongue poses for Genesis, I'd be eternally grateful. For some reason that part doesn't want to pose as well as other parts of Genesis, and it is a pain in the butt to try and do ice cream licking poses...

  • haw2eyezzhaw2eyezz Posts: 7
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    Thanks Adam... Very useful. Wish I could find a good Genesis/V5 pose reset(s).

  • TugpsxTugpsx Posts: 180
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    Thanks Adam

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