Newbie lost in the learning curve.

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Howdy! I'm Kevin,
I just downloaded the studio yesterday and am now trying to access the content I acquired on the DAZ free stuff page. I've followed every prompt I've come across, still - No Dice? Any direction at all will be appreciated. Thanks


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    Hi Kevin,

    Try logging into your account and look under account dashboard for My Downloadable Products.You should see your items there available for download. If not then you may have to reset them. Look under Itemized Order History and reset any products that you wish to download and then go back to my downloadable product and they should be there.

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    Hi Kevin

    Which Free Stuff page are you talking about? It may or may not have content that works out of the box depending on which page you're referring to.

    I assume you're talking about DAZ Studio? If yes then it comes with default content auto installed, so you shouldn't need to download any additional free stuff just to get started.

    If you start her up, you should see content in the Smart Content tab, or in the Content Library tab (activate them under Window > Tabs).


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