Hyper Threading AMD?

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Should an AMD PHenom II X4 955 be able to hyper thread in Carrara 8Pro?

Am only getting 4 tiles. =(

When selecting a CPU, how can you know ahead if it is capable of hyper-threading?


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    AMDs don't do / require hyperthreading, you get four real cores in a X4.
    Hyperthreading is an intel feature.
    If you have good motherboard you should be able to overclock your chip though.
    I'm running a FX 8 core and have it comfortably clocked from 3.6 to 4.2ghz.
    I used to run my Phenom X4 3.2 at around 3.8ghz.

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    AMDs don’t do / require hyperthreading

    Ok, well that 'splains it! I built the computer last year
    as an Octane Render box to use CUDA cards.

    Just put Carrara on it yesterday, and realized it wasn't hyperthreading.

    Thanks for the info. ;)

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    The main board is an ASUS M4A89GTD Pro ( =O ) and says I can over-clock it, boost it, and hit
    the Turbo key, so will see how fast I can get it to go, though I doubt it would come close to
    Garstor's new smokin' screamer. :cheese:

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