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I wanted to continue a tribute thread to the beautiful things created by Fabiana over at Rendo. She has just released a new character and in typical Fabiana style she is absolutely beautiful. If you have a moment, check out not only this new character but her renders for this new character. Fabiana takes my breath away with her renders, no matter what character she uses. I wish I could sit with her for a day and learn a few of her render techniques.

The new character, Brienn Fi, can be found here: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=94425

I'm off to purchase this new gem.


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  • Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 441
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    Here's a render of her.....

    429 x 600 - 181K
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    She is cute, yes. But the promo info for her mentions numerous places where her makeup/etc is Poser shader-tree based. So sounds like she'd require a lot of tweaking to make work in Studio, since I didn't see DS mats support listed in the promos.

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    I'm sadly with @cwichura, she's adorable, but if I can't GenX her and get decent renders out of DS4, I have to pass.

    I'd love to see some renders from the OP, other than the promo pics, though, to see how she fares in the hands of presumably mere mortals. :)

    -- Morgan

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    The ReadMe available from the product page has important info for DS users and lists exactly what will not work in Studio.

    I've got Bettine, an older product, and all the make up materials are not working at all in Studio but only in Poser because they are made using the Poser shader tree and lots of material nodes only available in Poser.

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    Ali and Bea converted several products for DS. Their store can be found here:


    Tilly for Mavka has DS mats included thanks to Fisty if I remember correctly.

    Maybe I'll ask Ali and Bea if they can add Brienn Fi to their list of projects.


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    Fabiana does beautiful work. But the surfaces are *always* Poser based. A pity because they are gorgeous.

    The geometry and the morphs work fine in Studio, however, and she's got some specialized morphs that aren't in the base figure. Like the leg morphs in the Wild Butterflies package. And I see this new dolly has kneecap morphs and some toe modifications.

    But this one does seem to have more components which aren't going to be accessible than typical. Which is going to have me wibbling.

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