Genesis 2 Female Faces and Bodies: Promo Image Critique Needed. Commercial

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Hi guys, I plan on releasing my Genesis 2 Female Faces and Bodies, a collection of 3 body types and 4 faces on the Daz Store. I was wondering what you think of the promo image I've created. Each character uses a different face and body type, with the character on the far left using the standard G2F body. A few notes...not sure how I feel about the Mitzu hair on the character on the left and I know the large lady's foot is in the ground, I've already fixed that for the next and final render. I'm not sure about doing any post because I want to show how they look in-render without any augmentation. So, can I get some opinions before I send this over to Daz? Thanks in advance, James.

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    The best promos are ones which catch the eye. If your focus is on the bodies and faces, then you need to showcase their bodies and faces. Ideally use swimwear so potential buyers can see what shapes they're getting without loose fitting clothes masking what they're paying for. Next, use good quality lighting and render settings, and ideally you want your product name displayed somewhere with the main image.

    My recommendation is to look at how other promo figures have done their art and take a few notes.

    Edit: here's a quick example I threw together as a mock promo using Zev0's Growing Up morphs and Sisters pack. By using a simple background, the eyes can focus more on the girls and the name of the product. It's by no means a perfect promo, but I feel it's eye-catching enough to get noticed. For individual promos, I'd suggest placing each female shape separately into its own image so that you can ensure the character is the focus rather than the background.

    For some great examples, look at the Daydream dress images and note how despite the detail in the backgrounds, the depth of field and positioning keeps the focus in the right place.

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    It's a bit grey - the lighting could do with adjustment, in render or an overall adjustment in an image editor. I'd also find clothes that don't cling so much. Another option would be to make them nude but grey.

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    Another option would be to make them nude but grey.

    If you're doing a morphs only product, DAZ will want to see renders of the morphs only because that's what you're selling, so I would plan on having a few renders of the bodies and heads without diffuse, i.e.. grey. The other renders with skin become your artistic renders, but I would try to focus on one or two of them as a time so you're focusing on what you're selling.

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    I think I'm gonna hold off on release anyway, I wanna add a 4th body option (just had an idea lol). Thanks for all the help. I know they want a single promo render to start off with, so I'm either going to go gray skin or just do swimwear. The only problem with gray is that faces are a bit hard to judge like that. But it works for the bodies. I'll get back to you guys once I've come up with the 8th morph.

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    Yeah what others have said, really. They need to be simple and clear. Lose the clothes, hair and maybe skin texture (for body images) for any promos show casing the morphs, other wise your morphs get a bit lost with everything else that's going on.

    You need strong lighting, Im pretty sure the image above will be much too dark for Daz's taste.
    Also avoid crowded images with more than 2 figures.

    I've had my early promos rejected in the past because of these ^

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