Strange DS4 problem

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I made a pavilion and added a smart propped light set (8 lights in a circle) to it. In DS3 this light prop fits the pavilion perfectly but in DS4 it looks like the circumference of the litght set is expanded. Why would this happen? Thanks for any help.

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    Is there any scaling on the pavilion?

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    Sorry I'm so late responding but I could not login last night. (actually I shouldn't have to login every single time I visit this forum; I should stay logged in)

    I don't know what youi mean by scaling on the pavilion. It's just an objet exported from Hexagon at 1 ft and imported into Poser, which uses 1 ft scale. I make the prop in Poser and texture it then take it to DS3 and fix the textures to work in DS. The lights and bench are done the same way.

    The pavilioin and bench have 'smooth polygons' turned off but the light set does not. Would that make a difference?

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    I tried turning off 'smooth polygons' and saved the light prop then opened DS4 and loaded both the original light and the new light. I could not reproduce the propblem. I see now that the DS4 tester could not get it to do it again either. Neither of us knows why it happened. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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