Is there a "24 Days" or "Countdown" this December?

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I just noticed, I haven't seen a "24 Days" or "Countdown" thread anywhere in the View New Posts list over the last few days. Will there be one this year, or something similar-but-different?


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    is 17 days left to christmas eve

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    Doesn't look like it. I suppose they could be like RDNA and do the 13 days of Christmas. It's possible they couldn't get enough PA's interested. Many of the contributors have stopped creating, left DAZ, or are swamped with other duties on top of being a PA.

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    If I recall correctly, last year's PA giveaway was a 12-days deal - it's the old forums where the giveaways started on December 1.

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    It has begun :cheese: (WOOHOO thanks FWArt and Fisty!)
    DAZ are hosting them for us this year!

    Some items will be free for a limited time only (they were intended full commercial products but those PAs wanted to participate in freebies SOMEHOW this year, so a limited time freebie was the compromise!) while some items are your regular permanent freebie.

    I believe either DestinysGarden or DAZ_J will be hosting this year so keep an eye out for the official xmas countdown thread 2013.

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    Thanks for letting us know, AprilYSH!

    Big thanks too to FWArt and Fisty. Darc is gorgeous. I worried when I first saw him that it was a glitch as I couldn't think of a good reason for a brand-new, PA character to be free. I was wondering who to tell, so that the PAs didn't lose money.... But he really is free right now! Very generous of you.

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    Thank you FWArt and Fisty for your generosity! And thank you AprilYSH for the notice!

    Again, mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka to all!

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    Thank you to FWArt and Fisty!
    And thank you April for telling us!

  • FistyFisty Posts: 3,416
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    Welcome =)

  • Fred Winkler ArtFred Winkler Art Posts: 795
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    You're welcome, and hope you have loads of fun with the freebies this year, and thanks April for letting everyone know :)

  • DollyGirlDollyGirl Posts: 2,431
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    Thank you FWArt and Fisty. It is a wonderful character set!

  • ADAD Posts: 391
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    Thank you to FWArt and Fisty for this wonderful freebie and thank you also to April for letting everybody know!

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,299
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    Thank you - he looks like a really cool character!

    I AM a bit confused by the difference between what April said and this comment on the product page:

    "The 2013 Christmas Giveaway items are offered as free items from the DAZ PA (premiere artist) community. Each item is offered for 2 days only. These items are not made by, or supported by DAZ 3D. They're free, but you're on your own when working with them. Enjoy your freebies, and happy holidays!"

    a-it seems to indicate that ALL of the items will be offered for 2 days only and

    b-if these are limited time freebies and will then become for sale items why are we being told you are "on your own when working with them"?

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    Yeeeee a pretty elf with man-bits! Thank you so much Fisty and FWArt!

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    2013 thread is here.

    Sorry for being late in getting it posted. I'll get a DAZ person to address the questions and we'll let you know.

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    Thanks :-)

    It's also mentioned in today's email letter AND there's a coupon!!!

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