Curious About Textures For Clothing

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I was just wondering about what sets of clothing textures are available. Ye Olde Clothe and Totally Bazaar are both on my wishlist, but I was wondering what else might be out there, and the search function on the store hasn't been much help. Thanks for any suggestions you could toss my way.


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    Look for other products by the same creators as those: Marieah and/or Teresa Tyllo. I have the MachPack and love it. And I've heard great things about Fabricator, but haven't purchased that one yet myself.

    Edited to add: and the shaders that come with the various SuperSuit products can be used on other items as well, so they would fall into this category also.

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    Hi! :)
    I don't know if you're working in DazStudio or Poser but in my & Marieah textures/shaders packs you'll find plenty of large beautiful seamless textures that works great in texturing all kind of clothes. The last one we've made together, "Totally Bazaar", gives you a huge sample of oriental type of fabrics. Pretty cool, believe me!
    There is also an interesting product by zigraphix "Quilts and Calicos" (for DS).
    DraagonStorm made wonderful conversions for Poser users.
    Plus I know that Marieah and Fisty are working on new fantastic material addon for jewelry. I hope it'll be soon in store.

    Anyhow you may take a look here for more Shaders & Materials:

    Another link I was lucky to digg out with more usual tiles and fabrics is here (some packs are are a little older, but look interesting):

    Hope those links will help you a little.
    I know, DAZ search machine is a really PITA - it's just impossible to find anything.... I hope they fix it ASAP.
    Greetings - Teresa :)

    PS Look also on sharecg for "tyllo" or "marieah" or "France" and many others that made free textures, not only for Fabricator!
    There're some nice texture packs out there!
    I have quite a few freebies on Rendo free stuff under "tyllo", you can check it out. I'm not exactly passionate DS user so you can use my textures in any programme.

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    We have some fabric shader preset freebies as well.

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    I have several free Shader packs at ShareCG, which were made for Fabricator and Lacemaker but they can be used on their own.

    See the link in my signature.

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    Thanks, everybody, that'll help a lot. I do have the Supersuit Pro Suite, as well as Hardcore Utility Shaders and Fisty's Sparkles, but I'll have to check out the links when I get home from work.

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