Have DS4 and my old DS3 content

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Um, so now what do I do? I see instructions to "Migrate the Content Database," but don't find anything about it in my DS4. Perhaps I need DS3 installed so my DS4 knows to look for DS3 content?

Trying to get unconfused, so be prepared to be pestered to pieces :-/

(Not really liking this new featureless forum.)

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    Under preferences there is a tab for content directories, or something like that. You can just import your current DS3 content that way.

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    Migrate content database, and the command to import the DS3 directory setup, are in the Content Library's option menu - Window>Panes(Tabs)>Content Library, right-click on the tab or click the menu button in the top corner.

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    Ok, it says "Content Database Migration Error. See Log for Details."

    The log says:

    WARNING: QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'DzOldContentDatabaseConnection' is still in use, all queries will cease to work.
    WARNING: Database Migration Error - Could not open database file: C:/Users/Tom/AppData/Roaming/DAZ 3D/Studio3/Content
    WARNING: Database Migration Error - Error connecting to old database

    Perhaps since I never actually installed DS3 on this machine, it doesn't know where to find the old db?

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    "AppData/Roaming" is probably a bad place to put your content. You probably followed all the old instructions and old installer defaults to install all your content into Program Files, and now that you are on Win7 (or Vista), you are not allowed to have user content in Program Files, so it got migrated to AppData, and does not work properly from there. Move the entire "content" folder to someplace under /Users//Documents, or put it someplace simple like C:/DAZ/Studio/Content.

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    If you haven't installed DS3 then you won't have a database, unless you transferred the database file. I think that that is the correct location for it - the file called Content. The database is the list of items in the categories view in Ds3, it isn't the actual files in the content directories.

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    Yep AppData/Raoming is the correct place for the Content database of the same name.

    By any chance did you sort or content in to Catagories in DS3?

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    1. My Daz 3 content is in C:\Users\Tom\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio3
    2. I didn't arrange my content into categories, but dug (endlessly) through the folders.

    Maybe with DS4 installed, I should just dig through my download folder and run the installers fresh? And perhaps sort them into categories this time?

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    I am not 100% sure but since you didn't catagorise your DS3 content I think lies your problem. But it is no problem at all really as you can leave your DS3 content where it is.

    All you need to do is point DS4 to your DS3 content folder.

    In the image below first go to your Content Library Manager

    Then in the second image Add your DS3 content to the Daz Formats and Poser Formats. When you press Add all will become clear.:)

    Your content should then show up in the Content Library Pane (tab) under Daz Studio formats and Poser Formats respectively.

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