"freeze" object in space (DS4.5)

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get an effect similar to Poser's IK. I know that DS has IK as well, but it does not have the "freeze it in space" aspect, which is useful in many situations, but I've come to rely heavily on the poser way as well. I've read a bit about "pinning" but I cannot, for the life of me, find anything about it in the forms of guides or anything.

A good example is locking the feet and then grabbing the hip and translating it downward to quickly make a squat. This is just an example, I do not need other techniques on how to make a character squat.



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    right click on foot

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    If you are using the Universal Manipulator the pins are accessed through the icon at top-right of the widget. They can also be accessed via the IK manipulation tool at top-left of the viewport.

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    I'm with the OP, when I use the IK pins in the left corner all I get is translation and rotation. The Foot does not Stay PINNED in place as it does using the Tool in DS3A for pinning. How do I pin in place like I could before? DS4Pro is the version I'm working with.

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    bigh said:
    right click on foot

    That is exactly the type I said I knew

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