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I am quiet new in this topic and found Bryce 7 pro very useful product. My question is how to export trees with UV maps of leaves ? I found many leaves texture in Bryce 7 Content but when I applied them to eg.: Apple Tree the leaves still remained as apple tree leaves, So is there any way to change the shapes of the leaves into a almost rectangular one that can be proper to apply leaf textures with UV ?


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    In the tree lab. Once you have a tree in your scene, click on the "E" which will take you to the Tree lab. At the top right you will see "Foliage" and under that "shape" click on shape and it gives you a drop down box. from the list click "User Leaf" then down the bottom right use "Texture" and "image, click on edit and it takes you to the mat edit screen, where you can apply a leaf shape with matching alpha.

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    Rashad Carter has covered this topic over at Bryce5.com - this should provide a direct link to one of his presets in the materials exchange. There is information on the process involved in the description. http://www.bryce5.com/details.php?image_id=2041

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    Hello Guys,

    Thanks for your quick and useful reply. This is great!

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    When selecting "user leaf", what controls the transparency, if not the alpha image portion of my texture? While flipping around and changing leave foliage shape and texture types I'm getting seemingly random results ranging from no transparency (my image on a square) to the wrong transparency (a different leaf's transparency used with my image) to inverted transparency.

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