MS Lycan or Garoul?

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which integrates better with genesis?
can I turn both female or child-size?

I honestly love the MS Lycan and if it can do everything an ordinary gen character? then I would willingly part with my 19$ but if Garoul works better than it well I know which my money going on :D

any advice would be appreciated and Thank you in advance.


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    Not that I am afraid to pick sides - but I pick both. I have both of them. They are awesome.

    First icture is them as "children" I did not do any tweaking 100 percent child 100 percent wolf morph. The front one is Lycan the back is garoul. I did not do any lighting either (just straight out of defualt Daz Studio.

    The second pic is the two blended into one genesis. tweaked the morphs and light to get a look I wanted.

    The major differences - Lycan has hair/beard/chest.

    Garoul has a tail.

    Garoul has a little more of a snout.

    Lycan is a little buff for a woman or child...

    I don't think either one has separate heads (at least I couldn't find it in the couple of minutes that I looked...)

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  • Tye1980Tye1980 Posts: 78
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    wow they both look fantastic, I think I'll get both when I get paid :D

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    I have Garoul, and really like it. I'm planning to pick up Lycan when I have the funds. I couldn't find a separate head for Garoul in my morphs, but there is a free werewolf head morph at Adam Thwaites' site ( Actually, there's a lot of freebies there, as well as some very nicely priced commercial products.

    Back to DAZ canines, I wonder how Anubis might work mixed with either Garoul or Lycan? Or all three at once?

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    For fun, and per riftwitch's suggestion I mixed Garoul, Anubis and Lycan at 33% each. This is just a QND render (and I missed fixing the beard, but I'm too lazy to redo it). Texture is MS-Lycan, tail is Garoul... ;)

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    I like that! Strangely, there's something quasi-catlike about the head. I need to pick Anubis & Lycan soon. I can see a lot of potential for them.

  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    It's those great big ears influenced largely from Anubis... IMO anyway. ;)

  • riftwitchriftwitch Posts: 1,356
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    It looks even better on my computer; I had to look at it on my phone earlier.

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    MS Lycan looks real cool ....

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    I found the lycan is a good base to start other creature here's a .5 laycan and .5 with my Brute-X. I included the smooth neck morph to help with big figures like Freak 4. Great renders guys !!!

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