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ISO: Good Merchant ressource for V4/M4 that can be used for freebies

BlazeMystEraBlazeMystEra Posts: 440
edited July 2012 in The Commons


as the Title says I am looking for a (few) good Merchant Ressourc(es) for V4/M4 that could be used for freebie-creating too. There are many beautiful Merchant Ressources, but all I have looked at say, that creating freebies is not allowed... I'm far from being good at this, but if I try my Hand at it, I'd like to be able to create a Freebie once I'm satisfied with my work.

I don't need anything fancy, just a good skintexture and - if possible - a good eyetexture.

It might take some time until I even am satisfied enough with my work to show it off *g* but - like I already said - I'd really like to be able to give this to others for free, maybe even give something back to this awesome community.

Of course I'd pay for it... wouldn't be mad about a ressource being a freebie, but if it's not to expensive, I'd gladly spend my money on it, seeing as there has surely a lot of work been done to create such a ressource.

So I'd be thankfull for any links you can supply me with :-)

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  • fictionalbookshelffictionalbookshelf Posts: 731
    edited December 1969

    I was once told that the Sarsa's Alpha Merchant Resource Kit III can be used for freebies.To be on the safe side I would get confirmation on that. Her first two Alpha resource kits are for commerical characters only.


    If you go to Renderosity and ShareCG and search resource kits there are freebie ones that have quite a bit in them that can be used for commercial and freebie texture sets.

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 1,234
    edited December 1969

    If you go to Rendo's free stuff and look for Ecstasy , there are alot of base textures to use for V4 and she\he allows freebies .....

  • BlazeMystEraBlazeMystEra Posts: 440
    edited December 1969

    thank you fictionalromance, that looks like a very nice texture, I'll try to contact Sarsa about it :)
    I looked through freebies too, didn't find what I was looking for though, but wit the namehint from carrie58 I'll now be able to combine your two hints and hopefully find what I'm searching for :)

    and thanks to you too carrie58... I knew I had read about some textures in a few character readmes that allowed for freebies, I just couldn't get my mind to remember the name of the vendor...

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 8,995
    edited July 2012

    Edited to add: about Sarsa's Merchant Ressource III

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  • BlazeMystEraBlazeMystEra Posts: 440
    edited December 1969

    Wheeeee, thank you Kerya!

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 1,234
    edited December 1969

    I found the link to Ecstasy's freebies hope it helps

  • BlazeMystEraBlazeMystEra Posts: 440
    edited July 2012

    Absolutely, Thanks again :)
    Ahhh... I love this community!

    edit: The smilie above is btw a smile smilie... even though it looks more like a 'humbug' smilie... funny how much the eye position can change things.

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