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I intend to update to 4.5 RC2 (using RC1 currently) but I'm worried about the internal metadata I've built for my own morphs. I created several categories, compatibilities, etc, and I'm afraid of losing them because I have no idea how I should back up them. So here are my questions:

1. Will updating DS re-install or alter the CMS in a manner that could destroy this work?
2. Is the "databases" folder in ProgramData all there is to backup?
3. If the CMS is updated, will overwriting the databases with the backup work? Do they remain compatible?


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    1) No. Nor will uninstalling the CMS Service and re-installing DS4 (the only way to actually get the CMS service itself to update by the way)
    2) Yes.
    3) Your database will be left in place, even during the re-install. However, for some reason should you need to restore a backup, stop the CMS service, replace the database with the backup, restart the service. Any changes necessary will occur automagically. Give it a few minutes before firing up DS just to be safe.

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    Thanks, Adam, even though the installation itself was a bit clunky, the databases were left in place. Thanks also for you freebies, I find them most helpful.

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    Welcome on both accounts. :)

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