Virtual_World's Happy Kids makes me happy! :D

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There's such a dearth of good kid textures out there, but I always know they'll be quality when they're coming from Virtual_World! I can't tell you how excited I was to see a new set of kid textures from you! :D You have no idea how fast those flew through my cart (or would have, if the DAZ checkout system weren't so slow ;) )!

By the way, promo number 2 is so stinkin' cute! :D


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    I've got to learn how to handle GenX. Like your morphs a lot, but can't use them on Genesis until I figure that out.

    Skins i can use immediately.

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    JOdel said:
    I've got to learn how to handle GenX. Like your morphs a lot, but can't use them on Genesis until I figure that out.

    Skins i can use immediately.

    I did this recently, most recently on the Ksenia thread; it's pretty straightforward if you set it up right. I set up a GenX tab open to the 'Transfer' sub-tab on the right, a Content Library tab on the left.

    I dragged V4 to the Transfer tab. It imported it.
    I then grabbed the morph I wanted to apply from the Content Library, and dropped it on the Transfer tab also, and waited for it to import.
    I chose 'Create Single Morph', 'Transfer on for non-zero values', and hit Transfer.
    It prompted me to name the character, and I gave it values, and let it pick stuff where it could.
    It ended up in Actor/Generation X/Ksenia.
    I put in a new Genesis character, dialed in V4 to 100%
    dialed in Actor/Generation X/Ksenia to 100%
    applied one of her skin textures
    and there she was.

    It's not easy, but it's straightforward enough. Do it with the manual sitting in another window nearby, especially the quick start section, and it it should be fine.

    I've done it for one K4 character (Hollie) a while ago, but I haven't done any renders to see how close it is to the promos, and I've fine-tuned my GenX flow since then. (I also had to have K4 Morphs++ to even get it to transfer, luckily just then DAZ put all their D-O's on 65% sale. :) )

    -- Morgan

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    Yes, so very happy to see something for the kids...and for Poser users, too!!!! Thank you!

  • ZaarinZaarin Posts: 356
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    It's been a while (sadly) since I've rendered with kids, but Virtual_World's new character got me inspired. Click here for full-size and uncompressed. :)

    1600 x 2000 - 472K
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    Thank you Zaarin!

    If it was not for your post I would not have taken that second look at the product. In my quick looking I have figured, like most things I see here now, the kids were also for Genesis.

    I didn't bother looking on the product page until I saw your post of who the Artist/Vendor was.

    I have always liked her work and of course I am very happy that I just bought the Happy Kids for K4 w/morphs.

    Since version 4 figures haven't gotten much love at Daz lately, would it be possible for the Vendors to have "for V4,K4 etc." as part of their title?

    Just a suggestion in case other K4 Poser users are as brief at looking here as I am now.

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