High rise textures

menschtxmenschtx Posts: 8
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I'am looking for high rise textures, any suggestions? I've searched most sites.


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    Do you mean Texture Maps to add to a 3D object?

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,705
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    Have you tried CG Texture. That is where I get all my textures from. http://cgtextures.com/index.php

  • menschtxmenschtx Posts: 8
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    Yes to both responses, the textures that come with Bryce 6., seem to be lacking in what I am wanting. Not completely solved the materials editor to get the texture to what I want.

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    Ah Ha, a Bryce question, let me point you to the people that can help the most Bryce Discussion Forum. Ask your question to those that can help the most and the fastest.

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    I shall see if I can persuade someone from the Bryce forum to pop over and help you, or I can move your query over there, without you needing to post a duplicate thread, .

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