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Hi All, I'm trying to track the camera in DS4 to a walk cycle, so I've panned the camera from start position of action (keyframed) to the end position (also keyframed). The camera begins it's track with a slight "ramping" effect thereby missing the beginning of the action. Is it possible to set the keyframes to a linear / exponential setting? thanks, gav


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    That's the interpolation. You can change it to linear using extra keyframes in an aniBlock in aniMate2, but it's easier to use Casual's SetInterpolation script:

    I haven't used it in DS4, but scripts have worked for me OK. Plugins don't work, but scripts should.

    DS3 has a free plugin called Geppetto, in which you can more easily change the interpolation. Someone is updating it for DS4, but I don't think it's there yet.

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    Thanks carnite, downloaded and installed but don't think it works in DS4. gav

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    I tried it on a camera in DS4. I did just a Y rotation on the camera, with a frame 0 and a frame 150, so that I could see a definite speeding up and slowing down happening.

    I then made sure the camera was selected, and went into SetInterpolate and change the interpolation to Linear, and there was no speeding up or slowing down.

    To make sure that it really was working, I created a cube, created a position frame at 0, copied that frame to 2 seconds, then at 4 seconds I moved the cube to the right on the X axis. Playing this, the cube went to the left between 0 and 2 seconds, because of the default interpolation. So I went into SetInterpolate, and changed the cube interpolation to Linear, and the cube was rock solid stationery between 0 and 2 seconds.

    So it does work in DS4.

    Or did I misunderstand the original problem?

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