TreadZ for Genesis have arrived! (Commercial)

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TreadZ have come to Genesis! This is not just a simple conversion either. These TreadZ have new geometry, morphs and material zones for added versatility. Go from low heel to high heel to knee high with ease. With a few presets easily create work boots and hiking shoes from the same model. Lots of different heel/sole morphs from flats to wedges. Over 50 style and adjustment morphs in all.

Presets are included for different materials and looks. To create different variations with the included presets:

Step 1 - Apply an ALL material preset (i.e. 1 All Black Leather).
Step 2 - Apply a preset for the desired style (i.e. 2 Hiking Shoes, 2 Work Boots).
Step 3 – (optional) Apply presets to hide additional details like straps (i.e. 3 Strap 1 Off).
Step 4 - (optional) Apply a shape preset (i.e. HikingShoes1).

Mix and match to get the look you want. Also, I have also included ankle sock tops to be used with the work boots and hiking shoes.

Don't forget to checkout ForbbinWhispers addon textures too.



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    Will textures from the other Treadz versions work on these and vice versa?

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    If you are asking about the Life TreadZ they won't work as they were made for the original TreadZ (up to and including V4). With V4 I remapped the UV's to make it easier to texture and so each boot could be textured individually.


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    Thank you for updating my favorite DAZ footwear to Genesis. Who needs high heels or flip flops when you can wear TreadZ!

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    These are great. The number of shaping options are mind-blowing.

    I may have mentioned in the other thread that the wedge heel option is awesome! :D

    Render using the work boot style with tall flat sole for the Treadz

    1200 x 1200 - 619K
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    Nice willow! Those look uncomfortable, just like women's shoes in real life ;) LOL

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    Disregard. I'm dumb. :p

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