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    Mattymanx said:
    It should not matter really what modeling program is used in the book. Just because Hexagon and Carrara are owned by DAZ3D does not mean they sould be used or need to be used in content creation. What you should gain from the modeling section of the book, not that I have seen it, is an idea of what you can do with the mesh more so then the specific steps taken in the program to do them. All modeling programs share the basics for mesh editing so its just a matter of thinking it through via the program of your choice. If you are new to modeling then you may need to spend a bit more time with written and video tutorials geared to learning the application and its tools before tackeling a large project like making clothes so that you dont get yourself overwelmed trying to translate between two programs.
    Well said...most clothing creation tutorials are done in the authors modeller of choice. LLF uses Modo also iirc and I found that simple enough to transfer to Hexagon. Fugazi's are based on Silo, mec4d has provided some great info on zbrush with clothing that can be found in the zbrush section at HiveWire3D.

    The program isn't what matters so much what does is the process and work flow.

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