Gen 5 skins to work with Gen 6

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So, can you?

I'm just wondering because I"m making these editable eye textures.

I'm using the base UV map for Genesis. The base Genesis, not any of the morphs (but i"m sure that doesn't matter, the eyes are all the same)

But I can see the UV map for the Genesis 2 is different


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    G2F's default UV is V5's UV, and that's the only Gen5 UV she'll use.

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    For defult map is the Basic female, which I"m sure is the Genesis 1

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    Just to clarify, as a PA working on a texture set for G2F I learned this the hard way. Genesis 2 Female has her own uv set, but also comes with V5 uv's so that she can use V5 textures. So, with the base female you actually get two uv sets. Then, of course, buying V6, Gia, or Girl 6 gives you 3 more uv sets. Teen Josie actually is now set to use the Base Female uv's, but because she was briefly mapped for V6 uvs she does come with V6 uvs. Then, there is MallenLane's V4 to Genesis 2 addon, which makes the V4 uvs available to Genesis 2 Female. In all, at this date, there are 6 uv sets that work with Genesis 2 Female: Base Female, V4, V5, V6, Gia, and Girl 6.

    Your best bet, if creating eye textures that can be used by anyone that is using Genesis 2 Female, is to use the Base Female uvs or Victoria 5 uvs. This way you can reach the most people, not requiring them to purchase any addons or character sets.

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    I tested it, the eyes look fine, even if I had the Genesis UV map used for the general base

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