"Finding" Daz commercian products on sites other than Daz3d.com

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Important note here: I AM NOT looking for warez.

Just asking if I come across any daz commercial product that someone very publicly left of some file sharing web service should I report them, if so to who, if to who what do they need to provide.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,672
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    Yes, please open a support ticket for the Copyright department.

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    In general Richard is correct. It should, however, be noted that some DAZ files were legitimately made availble on CNET's Download.com (Not sure if there were any downloads that were made availble on other legitimate sites). At any rate, if in doubt go ahead and open the support ticket and let DAZ sort it out..


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    if warez means wars than I must say this has nothing to do with wars that is piracy and some hundred years ago pirates were still hung. :coolsmile:

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    that's what some companies, espacilly some from one far eastern country are doing, buying the things, copying them and making their stickers on it and selling them as theirs and so they try to ruin other companies in other countries and that is where their economic success came from. copy and sell

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    some hundred years ago pirates were still hung

    Some countries still sentence them to death.

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    e-mail any such examples to: [email protected]


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    Quite often search does not seem to be working in the store, so I've used Google.

    I notice at this point, that unless I restrict it to site:daz3d.com, my results will include dozens of links to torrents and file sharing sites. Is there really any point notifying anyone? I mean, Daz officials can use Google just as well as I can. My email might well end up being hundreds of thousands of links long.

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    Please open a support ticket if you find one.

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