Poses, weapons and animation for Genesis and or Victoria 5

spmwcspmwc Posts: 123
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I would love to see more poses,weapons and animate2 moves for Genesis and or Victoria 5 such as:

Fighting poses and full body fighting animation, specifically karate style.
Swords,Full body Sword poses and Sword fighting animation
Hand guns, Full body hand gun poses and animation
Animation such as: Running,Jumping,falling,grabbing and evading

I would really love to see a movie maker for DAZ3D 4 Pro version!!!!!!!!!

Don't know if any of these are possible, but it would make using your studio a lot more fun.


  • PosermocapPosermocap Posts: 140
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    We're doing the conversion to Genesis as we speak. Currently, we have this mocap set working for M4 and V4 in aniblock format.


    We are very committed to supporting animation for Genesis.

  • TimmothTimmoth Posts: 108
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    I'm not really into animation, but I second the motion for more Genesis action poses. :cheese:

  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,936
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    I just realized as I was working on creating an ice cream cone (in RL!!!! Om nom!), that I haven't seen any tongue-pose sets. We can haz mouth-and-tongue poses, please?

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