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Hello! don't want to be the bad guy, but I've buy different items there is 15 days, and it was impossible to download most of them... (unfortunely, one of the rare possible download, santa toon, didn't work in C8 pro...)
I have posted a ticket to daz, but I have no answer at all, since two weeks... seems to be forgotten, I suppose... In your idea,what to do, to get the objects I've payed???... Is the store really usable?


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    If you sent in a support ticket, you need to check if there have been any replies on-line by clicking on the original link that was sent to you when you first made your support request.

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    well, on the ticket, it's check as solved, I don't know why because it's always impossible to download the items...

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    What browser are you using? You may need to try another browser. You should open another support ticket if you are still not satisfied, and address it to Sales Support.

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    I have just purchased and downloaded several items, onw of which was 99mb, and had no problems, the whole thing went through without a hitch, and I am running an elderly machine with just 1gb of ram, and live in an area where the broadband speed is sadly lacking. Using FF

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